PADI Discover Scuba......

- Requirements are that you be at
least 10 yrs old and a signed medical
statement and Discover Scuba
Release statement.

This program designed to introduce
you to diving. We give you a short
introductory explanation about diving
and then we bring out the gear.
Following a few skills and a
submersion in shallow water we can
take you on a short shallow dive. The
whole course takes about 2 hours.
Then upon completing the  PADI
Discover Scuba program you have
just taken the first step in the PADI
certification process.
Ask us how!

Discover Scuba Boat Dive....

Once you have completed the
Discover Scuba program you may
upgrade to a 2 tank boat dive with
your instructor.  We take you to 2
different shallow reefs in an to
attempt to convert you into a
Diveaholic. This would then lead to....

Scuba Diver Certification......
The next step in the certification
-Minimum age 15 yrs old
This certification program will certify
you to dive
down to 40 ft. any where in
the world. It is a 1 to 2 day course with
some reading and quizzes and of
course all the training dives needed.
You can then upgrade this
certification to a.........or you may jump
from a Discover Scuba Diver directly
to the......

Open Water Diver Certification.........
-Requirements: must be at least 15
yrs. old, and in good health.

This course generally takes 4 to 5
days. Including all training dives, class
and book work. In this course you will
learn and develop the skills needed
to become a independent diver.

Advanced Open Water Course
- Course requirements have Open
Water Certification and few days of
reading, quizzes, diving and
- Once you are an Open Water Diver
you may wish to improve on the skills
you have learned, improving your
bouyancy, mastering drift diving,
learning how to identify the fish you
are diving with, or how to take the
perfect photo of these wonderful
creatures, learning to navigate with a
compass or increasing your depth
certification, as well as many other
options, this is the Advanced Open
Water Course.

Rescue Diver Course
-Course requirements Advanced
Open Water Certification, Emergency
First Responder Certification.

This course will teach you how to find
and attend to emergencies in and out
of the water. We expand the search
and recovery skills with and without
compass, rescue breathing, removing
the gear and then the person from the
water, as well as how to administer
oxygen and manage the accident.
The course is about a week long.

Please inquire.

PADI Divemaster Course:
Please inquire